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Weeds are plants out of place. A plant may be desirable in one situation and a weed in another. For example, creeping bentgrass plants can invade a Kentucky bluegrass lawn and cause unsightly patches. On a golf green, however, creeping bentgrass is highly desirable as the predominant plant. 

Weeds detract from the beauty of lawns due to the contrast in color and texture between the desired grass plants and the weeds. In addition, weeds compete with the desired grass plants for available water and nutrients, usually resulting in thinning of desirable plant cover.




KNOCK OUT  -  Non Selective Weed Killer
Controls weed and grass through  Foliage and Root Contact
This herbicide is a ready-to-use solvent-based non-selective weed killer.
It contains two active ingredients (hence the name Double Kill): Bromacil, which controls weeds through root contact and gives season-long residual control, and 2-4-D which controls weeds through foliage and gives immediate weed burn-down. This weed killer is particularly effective in areas where undesirable vegetation is tall and well established.




♦ May be used to kill most weeds and grasses on parking lots, fence rows, loading ramps, railroad sidings, storage yards, around buildings and industrial plant sites.

♦ Control annual weeds and grasses such as foxtail, ryegrass, wild oats, crabgrass, cheatgrass, broomsedge, ragweed, lambsquarter and trukey mullein.

♦ Also, for other hard-to-kill perennial weeds and grasses, such as Johnsongrass, saltgrass, bouncing bet, bracken fem and horsetail.

                                                    Available in 5, 30, 55 Gallon Containers


For Total Vegetation Control.
Prevents Plant Growth in unwanted areas up to One Year!



For total weed control on certain areas around the business or workplace where no plant growth is desire. Controls birchweed, and other Hard - to - Kill Weeds.


                                                   Available in 5, 30, 55 Gallon Containers


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