Don Shannon, President and CEO of LDI Chemical Sales and CW, Senior Sales Specialist are "The Chemical Men".

With over 35 years of experience in specialty chemicals, Don and CW are the professionals needed to assist municipalities, institutions, plant facilities, and companies with their specialty chemical needs.

LDI deals with hard working men and women, where families and work ethics still dominate. When it comes to chemicals and solutions - "We know what to do and when to do it. And we can teach you! Tell us what your maintenance problems are and we will offer solutions that work"

We practice "customer convenience" to contact customers, secure appointments, sell the effective products, follow-up for inventory check, provide consultation and update customers to new products and upgrades.

Don and CW have maintained many long term business relationships. Hands on knowledge and customer convenience are the personal characteristics involved in making business relations - WORK.

LDI currently has large well established business relations with municipalities and companies throughout the United States.

"The Chemical Men" offer guidance and counsel in your selections. Give them a problem and they will find the solution for you needs. Full customer service at your fingertips. Call Today -


Professional sales consultants

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